What do we offer?

Coaching in companies for individual managers or team employees or teams (team building) in the form of managerial facilitation, training modules on different themes (preparation for retirement, work on change).

What for and in what form?

  • to improve the performance of your employees in order to improve the performance of your company
  • to improve the quality of life in the workplace and to promote team- building
  • to bring new concepts and new momentum into your business.
  • A diagnostic session before any intervention with a proposal for a work plan
  • Co-construction of the intervention
  • Individual team coaching interviews, half-day seminars depending on the request either on company premises or at another location.

Who are we?

Our coaching firm is made up of two members, both certified coaches (corporation coach and team trainer) AGILE EMCM (coaching and management school), both from the same institute. We share the same values: the coach acts as an archaeologist would by removing outer layers of dust and revealing the essence present within each person. We are facilitators providing a framework when necessary, But the client must find the resources within himself.

Compassionate communication, non-violent confrontation and transactional analysis are some of our tools we use to support the individual and / or group of individuals. We are certified in professional coaching and management and our skills encompass the meta- business of advice, training, support, restructuring and support for change.

Katharina comes from Germany and is fluent in three languages: German, French and English. She has been living and working in Reunion Island for the past 20 years. Her work with the national school inspectorate as a senior manager in the public field since 2010 has given her an excellent knowledge of different types of management in public structures and a keen awareness of the importance of well-balanced human resource management.

She has also enlarged her skills by gaining further qualifications (master of European governance and administration= MEGA) at the renowed French school of High Administration (ENA in Paris). Her ability to forge good working relationships with other people and her talent for structured organization allow her to focus on the development of each individual and their potential to evolve postively.

She is able to offer workshops and seminaries dealing with management /leadership or training modules dealing with creative procedures (“THINKING out of the box”) She can ensure the coaching of individuals or groups within a company.

Born in Mauritius, Pierre worked for ten years in the human resources department at a sugar refinery. Today, he is the manager of a sales team in Reunion Island. With more than twenty years’ experience in this capacity, his excellent knowledge of human relations and his listening skills are strong assets.

A rich associative life which began in Mauritius as a volunteer within the Ministry of Youth and Sports is a key part of his identity. In Reunion he is active as a Rotary Club president and is also a leadership trainer in the Rotary Institute of leadership.

He obtained a Bac +4 diploma (Diplôme d’Études Supérieures Économiques) FROM the Centre National des Arts et Métiers) and completed several training courses in management and leadership. He is now considered as a facilitator in Collective Intelligence (Group Strategy Dilts). Pierre is perfectly bilingual: English and French.

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Fees and Contact

For the prices, please contact us, we will establish the quotation.

SAS  Para-l’aile – 14 Rue Jules THIREL – Bâtiment A Lizine
Centre d’affaires Savanna – 97460 Saint-Paul

Katharina MUEHLKE : 06 92 85 17 72

Pierre HOOLODOR : 06 92 63 43 69